Wildlife Viewing at its best!

Spring has sprung in the Tetons! Spring is a wonderful time to explore the parks and Jackson Hole. The wildlife is very active and the crowds are thin. As the snow recedes up the mountain slopes much of the wildlife takes advantage of the new grasses and vegetation available. Bears are emerging from hibernation and we are starting to see the first flowers in bloom.

Generally male bears (called boars) are the first ones out of hibernation. This past Friday, on a scouting mission, I snapped this photo of a large boar. Females with new cubs can emerge from hibernation as late as June.

Elk have been making their way north off of the National Elk Refuge. Most of the bulls have dropped their antlers at this point. It’s not uncommon to see younger bulls with antlers still attached this time of the year. Below, enjoy this picture of a young bull (approaching his 2nd birthday) after dropping one of his antlers.