Winter is coming to Jackson Hole.   Wildlife are concentrating by the thousands in the southern end of Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge.  At the same time, winter snowsports enthusiasts are beginning to arrive in Jackson Hole, seeking out the slopes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the trails of the National Park. 

It's a combination of Adventure and Nature unmatched anywhere else in the United States.  This year, in addition to our popular winter wildlife tours, the guides at Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures are excited to announce the addition of ski and snowshoe tours of Grand Teton National Park to our tour offerings.  Want to maximize your winter experience in Jackson Hole this winter?  Here’s what you need to know.


Snowshoe Tours

This winter we are offering both Half Day (4hr) and Full Day (6hr or 8hr) Snowshoe Tours of Grand Teton National Park.  Our professional naturalists can accommodate any skill or activity level from beginners to experienced snowshoers looking for a customized and unparalleled experience.  Expect to enjoy a day exploring the winter wonderland of Grand Teton National Park, learning about winter ecology, animal sign and track, and beautiful locations “off the beaten path.”  We provide snowshoes, other equipment, and snacks to enjoy throughout the duration of the trip.  Full Day tours also include a field lunch complete with hot drinks.  Visit our website to learn more about our half day, full day trips and other tour options.


Full Day XC Skiing Tour

Experience Grand Teton National Park’s phenomenal Nordic Trails with the guides from Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures!  This unique winter experience will take you into the depths of Grand Teton National Park with one of our experienced Naturalists to lead the way.  Choose from the excellent groomed trails in the Park or for an “off the beaten path” excursion to the hidden gems of Grand Teton National Park in Winter where you and your guide will break trail.  Our 6hr full day tour includes a field lunch with hot beverages. Learn more here.


Wildlife and Snowshoe Tour

Maximize your winter experience in Jackson Hole with a combination wildlife and snowshoe tour in Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge!  We will start in the morning on a half day snowshoe excursion to one of our favorite winter destinations in the park.  Then, after a Lunch at the Famous Dornan’s (or similar restaurant) we will complete the day with an afternoon wildlife safari, observing the abundant winter wildlife of Jackson Hole.  It's an ideal combination of Nature and Adventure.  Click here for tour info.


Experience the Winter Wonderland of Jackson Hole

Whether on a wildlife safari, snowshoe tour, or ski trip, a trip to Jackson Hole isn’t complete without exploring the wild side of Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge.  Let the experienced naturalists at Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures help maximize your winter experience.  Visit our website and click the Book Now! button for live availability or give us a call (307) 690-9533 to join us today!