Naturalist Notes

Secrets of Fall Foliage of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Fall is coming to Jackson Hole. Leaf viewing enthusiasts are flocking to Jackson Hole to observe this seasonal spectacle and enjoy our abundant wildlife. Want to learn more about the science of changing leaf color? Read on. Read more

Explore Fall in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks!

There is a crispness in the air today Jackson Hole. Mornings are cold and leaves are starting to change. The fall has always been a special time to me, with fond memories of still evenings listening for the bugling of elk beneath golden aspen groves. Right now there is something for everyone in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, read on to learn more! Read more

Experience Fall in Jackson Hole Winner Announced! 

The results our in from our Experience Fall in Jackson Hole Giveaway! Read more to find out about this incredible fall giveaway, who won and how you can Experience Fall in Jackson Hole! Read more

Win an Unforgettable Fall Trip to Jackson Hole From EcoTour Adventures and our Partners!

Imagine yourself in a golden aspen grove in the crisp morning air. The bugle of a bull elk pierces the silence as puffs of steam flow from his open mouth. In a nearby meadow, a grizzly forages, preparing for winters sleep. Along the Snake River, trout rise for the flies of patient fly fishermen floating beneath the mighty Teton Range. You can experience all of this and more for free thanks to Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures and our partners, read on to learn how! Read more

Celebrate 100 years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act with a birding tour in GTNP!

There’s a secret hiding in plain view across the Jackson Hole Valley. If you look closely beneath the stunning Teton Range, past the giant bison, elk, and grizzly bears, you will find that Grand Teton National Park holds an incredible diversity of bird life. We’re excited to announce the addition of Birding Specific tours to our lineup, come join the experienced Avian Biologists of Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures and find out how amazing birding can be in Jackson Hole! Read more

EcoTour Adventures 2018 Guide Training Trip Report

Earlier in May we gathered for a five day staff retreat and training, preparing to share this beautiful landscape with over 5000 visitors annually. The guides of Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures are your sustainable connection to the wilderness of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, enjoy this trip report from our summer 2018 training! Read more

Tracking Course June 16-17 and 25-26 with Tracking Specalist Michelle Peziol

Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures is Excited to Announce Two CyberTracker Tracking Evaluation Courses with Evaluator Michelle Peziol Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We are offering two courses, one on Saturday and Sunday June 16th-17th and the second Monday and Tuesday June 25th-26th Join us in expanding your wildlife, naturalist, and observational skills in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Michelle is a Tracking Specialist and Teton Cougar Project Staff member who became the first female Track and Sign Evaluator in the US in 2017. Read on for more information about this exciting course! Read more

Living With Large Carnivores Part One: Bear Identification

Grizzlies are now active in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, with black bears soon to emerge. Learn how to correctly identify the differences between these two charismatic mammals who call Jackson Hole home! Read more

Wyoming’s Mammal Migrations Break Long Distance Records

All across the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, rivers of tens of thousands of animals are now flowing out of the regions valleys, following a wave of greening vegetation into the mountains. By migrating, animals can access the best quality forage as it emerges across the landscape, an ancient strategy which has enabled them to thrive across the GYE. But many of these migrations may be at risk, and without help could be lost forever. Read more

Ecotour Adventures is hiring for Summer 2018!

Attention Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Enthusiasts! Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures is looking for part time (3-4 evenings a week) guides with science backgrounds to join our staff this summer! Compensation starts at $25/hr during tours before gratuities. Part Time guides are also eligible for a matching IRA contribution. Full Time opportunities may be available for the right candidates. Please read the full description for more information. Read more