Naturalist Notes

What is the value of a National Monument?  Just look at Grand Teton National Park

Today the valley of Jackson Hole is protected by Grand Teton National Park but before 1950 much of it could have been lost to development, threatening habitat for pronghorn antelope, elk, bison, grizzly bears and more. Learn more about the battle for Jackson Hole and current threats to other National Monuments across the country. Read more

Yellowstone National Park, A Trip To Wonderland

It’s early summer in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. A popular destination since its formation in 1872, Yellowstone was promoted in the early 1900's as a trip through “Wonderland” by the Northern Pacific Railroad, whose tracks were laid just north of the park. Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures Guide Laura Kruseski recently returned from a four day trip through Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, read on to hear about the tour! Read more

Jackson Hole Wildlife Tour Log Late May 2017

Life is flourishing across the Jackson Hole Valley and green meadows of Yellowstone National Park. Elk and moose calves have been spotted, and the first newborn bear cubs of spring are romping around Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. From bighorn to beavers, great gray owls to grizzlies and gray wolves, this spring has been an unforgettable one. Read on to learn more! Read more

Jackson Hole Wildlife Tour Log May 2017

May is a spectacular time of year to take a wildlife safari in Jackson Hole. From Grizzlies and Wolves, to migrating elk, pronghorn and deer, baby bison and eagles, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is coming alive as it awakens from winter's slumber. Read on for the latest! Read more

Living With Large Carnivores Part Two: Safety in Bear Country

Coexisting with large carnivores like grizzly bears means taking steps to avoid conflict. Here's how to protect yourself and our wild neighbors in one of the last intact temperate ecosystems left on earth! Read more

Living With Large Carnivores Part One: Bear Identification

Grizzlies are now active in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, with black bears soon to emerge. Learn how to correctly identify the differences between these two charismatic mammals who call Jackson Hole home! Read more

Jackson Hole Wildlife Tour Log Early April 2017

Spring is here! From the great migrations of mule deer, elk, and pronghorn antelope, to emerging grizzlies, returning songbirds and denning wolves, April is a spectacular time to view wildlife in Jackson Hole. Learn the latest from the Jackson Hole Wildlife Log for Early April. Read more

Unlocking the Mysteries of Bighorn Health in Jackson Hole

What do helicopters, gps collars and bighorn sheep have in common? They are all an integral part of research being conducted by Wyoming Game and Fish (WYG&F) and the University of Wyoming (UW) just outside of Grand Teton National Park! Ecotour Adventures Naturalists Laura Krusheski and Josh Metten recently joined scientists for a hands on capture operation just outside Grand Teton National Park. Read on to learn more about this important research. Read more

The 2017 Jackson Hole Solar Eclipse

This year on August 21st a total solar eclipse will occur over Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park! Learn more about this uncommon and spectacular celestial event! Read more

Jackson Hole Wildlife Log Early March 2017

March 20th marks the vernal, or spring equinox, Happy spring! Though snow is still piling up in the Tetons, we are seeing sure signs of spring in the valley. Read our early March Jackson Hole Wildlife Log for the latest. Read more