Jackson Hole Wildlife Journal & Blog

Jackson Hole Wildlife Log Early January 2017

Welcome to Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures Wildlife Log for the week of January 2nd-8th 2017. In each log we provide updates on the past week’s sightings from trips in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks! The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a dynamic environment, with wildlife constantly on the move and changing behaviors throughout the changing seasons, read on to learn more about the first week of 2017! Read more

Best Winter Activities in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park

With abundant snowfall and stunning mountains, Jackson Hole is a winter paradise. From world class ski resorts to two of the world’s best National Parks there is something for everyone here, these are some of our favorites! Read more

Experience the Winter Bighorn Rut

“CRACK!” Like a gunshot the sound of two bighorn butting heads can be heard over a mile away. It’s a tell-tale sign (and sound!) of winter in Jackson Hole. The bighorn rut, or mating season, is here and it is one of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystems most powerful spectacles of nature. Here’s what you need to know about this not to be missed natural event. Read more

Wildlife abounds in Fall Multiday

If I had to pick one season as a favorite in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem it would be fall. Weather can be variable but wildlife activity and scenery can't be beat, read my blog post about fall!. It is a critical time of year for our diverse fauna, with increased activity in preparation for the long winter. Last week I was joined by two repeat Ecotour Adventures guests, Shannon and Joe, who were so inspired by the Teton landscape last December they booked a second multi day with us to see just what fall has to offer. Read more

Species Profile: Elk

It’s Autumn in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Morning frosts are now common across the valley and the first snow has landed high in the Teton Range. Now is the time to experience one of North Americas most spectacular wildlife displays. Read more