Amanda White

Amanda grew up in Ohio where she spent her childhood climbing trees and playing in creeks.  She always loved nature, being outside and always had a fascination with animals.  Going to school in the beautiful mountains of east Tennessee only encouraged the love of the beauty of the wilderness.  But it was a trip to Africa that really inspired Amanda to dig deeper into the study of ecology, wildlife and the natural world. 

Amanda spent a month in a South African reserve doing a course where she studied with the field guides association of South Africa (FGASA) everything from land management to the stars.  There she lived in an open camp and spent many hours every day exploring and learning about the bush.  Since, she has been back to Africa twice, volunteering with a rhino project and exploring more of the amazing African wilderness. 

Amanda moved to Jackson in 2005 and has enjoyed all this area has to offer, camping, hiking, floating etc.  Amanda feels blessed to be able to live in Jackson where these stunning parks are just a short drive away.  Getting to educate and show people the wonder and intricacies of this amazing unique place and the importance of it. 

When not working, Amanda likes to camp, hike, take pictures of wildlife and travel.  Making it a goal to see some of the wildest places on earth.

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