Taylor Phillips

I spent my early years on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia where occasionally I managed to escape the protective grip of Mom and Dad in search of a taller tree to climb, a more active creek to explore or a more mysterious trail to follow. My passion for the wonders of nature was born.

I enrolled in Mercersburg Academy, a boarding school in Pa. where I promptly became actively involved in the outdoor program, then in its infancy stages. My junior year, in addition to being a student participant, I found myself in a position where I was instrumental in planning and organizing activities and outdoor adventure trips. At this point I had progressed from climbing trees to climbing mountains, from playing in creeks to canoeing, kayaking and rafting the rivers of Pa.and Wv., from tossing stones in brooks to gearing up and scaling up shear rock walls, from exploring trails to traveling miles into the forest to spend the night camping. I was hooked. Upon graduation I was honored with the award for the student who made the most significant contribution to the school’s outdoor program.

Moving to Florida for a degree in environmental studies and environmental philosophy I continued to pursue my interests.  At the end of my college career, I wanted more. I felt the desire and need to submerge myself totally in the world of the outdoors, which led to my move to Jackson Hole in 2002. Here I knew I could surround myself with likeminded individuals and I could use all of the scientific resources that this area has to offer.  This drive led to employment with a local nonprofit organization where I worked as a naturalist science educator and a wildlife biologist guide. Switching gears I then took a position with a local guide service as a naturalist and conducted interpretive hiking tours throughout the year.

The abundance of educational opportunities and limitless resources available in the Jackson Hole area has been invaluable to me.  I have completed courses and attended seminars in Advanced Avalanche Safety, Advanced Wilderness First Aid Training,  Bird Behavior,  Geology of Western Wyoming,  Natural History Interpretation, and Pronghorn Antelope Behavior and Reproduction just to name a few.  I currently hold a certification from the National Association for Interpretation as a Certified Interpretive Guide.

Eager to expand my horizons and knowledge of the outdoors in areas unfamiliar to me I set out to fulfill two of my long time dreams, one to hike the 2100 mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in one summer season. On the trail, I found myself voluntarily helping other hikers to better understand and interpret the natural world around us. I believe that understanding the workings of the natural environment leads one to enjoy a more intimate and fulfilling experience.
My second dream was to travel with three friends down the 1900 mile Mighty Yukon River through the heart of Alaska. This amazing 76 day wilderness Kayak adventure took us from the Yukon Territory in Canada to the Bering Sea off the west coast of Alaska. A trip to remember!
When not guiding professionally I am skiing in the Tetons or climbing their majestic peaks.  I have also explored the backcountry and studied the natural history of Florida, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, British Columbia and the rain forests of Venezuela.

I have an unbelievable passion for my work and I have tons of fun showing my clients this place I call home. I will educate and entertain all on my Eco Wildlife Adventures.

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