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About EcoTour Adventures

EcoTour Adventures has been leading guided wildlife and photography expeditions in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks since 2008.
Taylor Phillips wanted to offer visitors a more meaningful experience than the standard sightseeing tour, connecting them directly to the natural world and instilling a sense of place. Taylor believes that conservation starts with education and strives to act as a role model for other business to give back to the community. The mission at EcoTour Adventures is to connect visitors to the natural world through wildlife observation and natural history interpretation, while running a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.
The philosophy behind EcoTour Adventures is based on providing our guests, who often have such a short time to explore the region, an enriched experience and exposure to the parks. We focus on maximizing every minute and opening our guests’ eyes to unique areas and hidden gems that they wouldn’t normally find on their own. Our guests may be here only once so we want to be sure we get their trip right the first time.
We take pride in our team of highly qualified guides, all of whom are local biologists with PhDs, MS, and other impressive certifications. Our guides share a passion for learning and teaching and often spend their free time attending science based lectures and continuing education programs, as well as volunteering their time with local conservation organizations. Collectively our guides have spent decades in the region, living and breathing this ecosystem. They are personally connected to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and their enthusiasm for the region is infectious. EcoTour Adventure guides are fun to be around, always focused on safety, willing to go the extra mile for each and every guest, and great with kids.

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