Multi Day Summer Wildlife Tours

Immerse yourself in a Greater Yellowstone vacation with a customized two to four day program, an in-depth experience in both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. One of our enthusiastic and expert naturalist guides will be dedicated to your entire trip, sharing their unmatched passion and knowledge of the area. Picture yourself on an excursion catered around your interests and needs, truly a one of a kind Yellowstone and Grand Teton experience. Before you book your tour we will want to have an in-depth conversation to hear your interests, for us to share trip options, and to come to a consensus on your perfect outing.

The Itinerary

Our multi day tours are exclusively private, just your group and your guide. While we design every multi day tour around the interests of your group, we generally start our days at sunrise and end at sunset, taking full advantage of the day and making sure we hit the top wildlife viewing hours in either the early morning or evening. Our guides know the area inside and out and enjoy treating guests to off the beaten path wildlife habitats that remain void of the crowds. But we won’t leave out hot spots like Willow Flats at Jackson Lake, Hayden Valley, or the world renown Lamar Valley in Yellowstone. Our multi day programs offer the best opportunity for spotting wolves and bears, but we’ll keep our eyes pealed for elk, bison, coyote, pronghorn antelope, as well as many other species. Midday, we encourage our guests to join us on a remote trail hiking to explore the parks backcountry. Of course it doesn’t stop there. You can look forward to exploring the most scenic locations of the Teton Mountain Range, as well as impressive geothermal features in Yellowstone National Park. Potentially we can even explore Old Faithful in the evening, when most other visitors have left the park for the day. Have your cameras at the ready as you discover Jenny Lake, Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and numerous geysers and hot springs. You’ll have a chance to form a unique bond with your guide, who will be your personalized interpreter of the area's unique geology, history, and wildlife, creating an inspiring and educational tour.

What's included

  • An enthusiastic and experienced naturalist guide, dedicated to your enjoyment of the area.
  • Professional quality binoculars and spotting scopes.
  • Large variety of snacks that are organic and locally produced.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided either picnic style or in historic park lodges.
  • Hot and cold beverages on board at all times, including our famous french press coffee for the early mornings.
  • All accommodations included and booked either inside the park if available, or in one of the park’s surrounding communities. Booking at least a year in advance offers the best options for lodging availability within the park.
  • A comfortable 4x4 safari style vehicle that has been equipped with roof hatches and sliding windows for excellent viewing and photo opportunities.
  • Hiking options that can be tailored to any ability level.
  • Daily Pick up/Drop off at your accommodations.
  • Park entry passes.

Two or Three Full Days (appx. 8-12 hrs each day). Season: Mid-April to Early November. While wildlife viewing is great all season long, it has been our experience that the best viewing seasons are in the spring and fall months.

Any size group. Custom tours are always exclusively private.

Pricing varies based on number of participants and trip length. Example: Group of 4 for two days $3,875. Call for pricing.

Customize your trip: Call 307-690-9533

We are focused on creating the best experience possible for all of our guests. From hiring the best guides, providing the best foods, and making sure every detail is covered, we are here for you! You may be here only once, so lets do it right the first time. We are a small company with three vehicles. We like to keep our operation on the smaller side to keep quality high!

  • We provide vehicles with Roof Hatches for safe and unobstructed viewing.
  • All of our vehicles are 4 Wheel drive.  This comes in handy for both winter and summer seasons. There are roads in Grand Teton National Park that in the summer require 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles.  We don’t want you to miss anything!
  • In all of vehicles everyone is granted a window seat! Everyone gets a great view.  There is always plenty of room for jackets, camera gear, backpacks etc… 
  • In our larger van there are no uncomfortable benches that are hard to get in and out of.  We have installed comfortable captain chairs.
  • We use PA systems when needed, have installed cup holders, have stools for easier access, and our guides are always willing to help you in and out of the vehicle.

We use very high quality Brunton Optics. Brunton is based out of Boulder, Co. We chose to use this company because of the quality optics that they provide and because they are a regional company. We use their Eterna 8x45 for wildlife and their 11x45 for birding. These binoculars retail for $530, so they are not take home souvenirs. We feel, when it comes to optics, you get what you pay for. Everyone will get their own pair to use for the tour and we have children binoculars as well. When that wolf pack is at a distance we will set up one of our Brunton Full Size Eterna Spotting Scopes. This scope has a magnification from 20-60 power!

Some folks like a hands on learning approach! We provide teaching opportunity as well. On tours we like to use all our senses. Our naturalists kits help provide the opportunity to touch and see different items up-close without compromising safety. Our kits contain antlers, pelts, claws, horns, unique stones, reproduced Native American tools and artifacts for your exploratory side! All items were collected outside of the National Parks or purchased. It is prohibited to take anything out of the parks.

  • We provide a Wildlife Sightings List for the participants in your tour fill out if you like. You take home a copy and we keep a copy for our records.
  • Your Children will love our “Children’s Activity book”. They can work on this during the tour or take it home for latter. This book is filled with crosswords, coloring pages, matching games, wildlife bingo, and other engaging activities. You provide the child and we provide the book and crayons.
  • All of our guides carry CB Radios. As the day unfolds, we don’t want you to miss any great wildlife sightings. All day long our guides are in contact sharing sightings with each other. When the location and timing is right we will head to that active wildlife hotspot for uninterrupted viewing.
  • We provide iPads on all tours that are filled with maps, wildlife photos, diagrams, animal sounds and other visual aids to enhance your learning experience.
  • We at EcoTour Adventures take our Coffee seriously. This is why we grind Jackson Hole Great Northern’s organic beans for you every morning. We will serve your coffee from our vacuum insulated French Press Craft while in the park watching the sun to rise. Don’t worry we also stock a selection of organic teas and hot chocolate.

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